Questionnaire/Puppy Application

Have you ever owned an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier or any other breed of dog?
Why did you choose this breed?
What are you looking for in a dog?
Are you interested in a male or female? Why?
Do you have a preference in color or markings? If so, please specify.
***color does not affect quality or price***

Are you interested in any particular dog’s breeding?
Are you interested in Show or Pet Quality?
Do you plan to show or compete in UKC, conformation, obedience, agility, weight pull, tracking, Schutzhund or other events?
Are you interested in doing Therapy Dog work?
Would you be willing to take the dog for CGC or TT testing?
Do you have experience showing dogs? If so, what titles have you achieved?
Do you plan on attending training classes? Have you ever taken training classes?
Do you have other pets? What kind? How many?
Do you plan on breeding? If so, why are you interested in breeding?
Have you ever bred dogs before?
Do you have children? How many? Ages?
Do you rent or own?
Is your home a House, Condo, Apartment, Farm, Other?
Is home setting Urban, Suburban, Rural?
If rental, has your landlord approved ownership of an APBT/Am Staff?
***(Proof must be provided) ***

How do you plan to house this dog? Kennel, Fenced yard, Inside, Other (explain)
If kennel or fenced yard, how high is your fence?
What size is your yard? (Length x width)
Are there breed specific ordinances in your town? If yes, please explain
Are you governed by city, county or state ordinances limiting the number of animals owned?
Are you employed? Hours per week and schedual?
How much are you willing to spend on your dog to maintain proper health and happiness? Per Month? Per Year?
Please list (3) personal references not related or living in household and contact information.
Please list vet reference
Name, Address, Phone

Please include any additional information that you believe would be helpful to me in placing the right puppy in your home.




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